AAPA represents companies involved in the provision of protected audiovisual services, security technology for such services, and the manufacturing of products which facilitate the delivery of such services. AAPA’s mission is to enable the fight against piracy where this involves the development, promotion, distribution, application or use of technologies resulting in the unauthorised use of protected audiovisual content, by co-ordinating intelligence and action supported by effective legislation and its implementation.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Sky UK secures another successful conviction for card-sharing


ANNOUNCEMENT: Operator of illegal streaming website in Italy sentenced to jail and fined


ANNOUNCEMENT: AAPA welcomes another successful conviction


The theft of audiovisual content is a global, dynamic threat to the prosperity and survival of the creative industries and the technologies used to distribute content. Not only does it erode the value of intellectual property but it also puts at risk thousands of jobs.

Audiovisual piracy occurs in many different ways. It can arise through the illegal redistribution of content or devices or through the circumvention of the technologies used to protect content when it is being distributed to the customer. AAPA’s focus is on these latter forms of piracy.

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